Ways of propagating apple trees


Apple trees from seeds

Every apple variety is started from a seed. You can create your own apple variety by planting an apple seed. See more.

Apple trees from root cuttings

Copying apple trees from root cuttings was probably the first method humans invented.
In springtime 2018 I had to shorten the roots on my rootstocks. I planted the cut roots in pots. 70% of the root pieces sprouted.
I have learned from the Sumerians, if root pieces are expose to sunlight, they are sprouting more easily. Therefore I have tried to put a piece of root in a glass of water. After about 3 weeks a sprout is seen.

Apple trees from rooting: Cuttings, layering, air layering.

It is difficult to multiply the apple tree by cuttings, but if you plant the excess piece of rootstocks in the spring, some will set roots, and you will have new rootstocks next year.
If you cut a tree down to approx. 15 cm above the ground in springtime, it will create shots. Place a bucket without bottom and fill with soil. Next spring the shots will have created roots. That's the way I make rootstocks. See more.

Air layering. If you attach a plastic bag with moist soil to a branch, the branch will set roots within 1 year. Outside the plastic bag must be placed black plastic or other that shields against the light. See more.

Apple trees from grafting: Grafting by approach, splice grafting, whip and tongue grafting, chip-budding.

Grafting by approach is an ancient method that probably was invented by the Sumerians 4000 years ago. A rootstock is placed so that the rootstock can be grafted on a branch of the mother tree. The branches are tied together as with normal grafting. After 3 months the new grafted tree can be cut free. This grafted tree is cherry.

Splise grafting are made in springtime. See more.

Whip and tongue grafting are made in springtime. See more.
Chip-budding is carried out in late summer while trees are still growing. See more.


Grafting of apple trees
Grafting of apple trees
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