Court Pendu Plat Apple (Wise Apple) Court Pendu Plat Apple (Wise Apple)  
Court Pendu Plat Apples (Wise Apple)    

Court Pendu Plat Apple (Wise Apple)

Court Pendu Plat is one of our oldest apples at all. It was certainly known in the 1500s and is possibly dating back to Roman times. It is also known under the synonyms Court Pendu Rouge, Wise Apple and others. The variety is recommended for the planting of the Jutlandish Horticultural Society 1899.

The variety produces healthy and strong, but not very big trees. Court Pendu Plat is probably our last flowering apple tree. It is therefore not very prone to problems with frost.

The fruit is small, flat, round and quite beautiful. The base color is grass green. Cover color are orange-red with streaks of dark red. The flesh is greenish with green veins. It is solid, dense and juicy with a sweet, very aromatic and mellow flavor.

Court Pendu Plat ripens late. It can be eaten immediately, but will benefit from storage and have excellent storage properties. The apple harvest in October and forward - it will not be damage by some frost.

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