Grafting involves joining two pieces of genetically different living plant tissue together so they grow together as one plant. The rootstock produces the root system. The scion determines the specific variety of apple that the tree will produce.

The rootstock determine the tree growth and final size. You can choose rootstocks from the most dwarfing M27 over middle vigorous as M7 to vigorous apple rootstock from seeds.

Seedling apple rootstocks have fallen out of fashion, because their natural variability means it is difficult to predict the mature height. An exception is Antonovka, where seedling often are used in very cold regions. Antonovka are an 500 year old Russian apple group. Very cold hardy. Produces vigorous nearly full sized trees.

Which apple rootstocks are available depends on where You live.


How to grow your own rootstocks

Tilbageskåret grundstamme

In springtime, cut down a tree from the rootstock, You wich to use for Your apple trees. New growth vil come from the ground during the summer.

Grundstamme med nye skud
This rootstock was cut back a year ago.
Murerspand uden bund til hypning af grundstammer

The bottom of the bucket is removed. The bucket is filled with potting. The trees will grow new roots into the potting in the bucket.

Opformering af grundstammer til æble
Springtime next year the rootstocks looks like this.

Ways of propagating apple trees



Grafting of apple trees
Grafting of apple trees
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