Autumn Pearmain Apple Autumn Pearmain Apple Autumn Pearmain Apple
Autumn Pearmain Apple   Autumn Pearmain Apple

Autumn Pearmain Apple

Synonyms: Alexander Russet, American Pearmain, Arthur Sheen, Drue Pearmain, Drue Pearmein, Drue Summer Pearmain, Drue-Parmain, Drue-Pearmain, Drue-Permein, Drue-Sommer Pearmain, Englische Birn Reinette, Englische Birn-Reinette, Englische Birnreinette, Englische Birnrenette, Englische Koenigsparmane, Englische Konig's Pearmain, Englische Konigs Pearmane, English Summer Pearmain, Geflammter Butterapfel, Gestreifte Sommer Parmane, Gestreifte Sommer Pearmaine, Gestreifte Sommer-Parmane, Herbstparmane, Hostparman, Juden Reinette, Judenhaut Apfel, Parmain d'Ete, Parman, Parmen Letnii, Parmena Letni, Pearmain d'Automne, Pearmain d'Ete, Pearmain rayee d'ete, Peppin Parmain d'Ete, Peppin Parmaine d'Ete, Platomelum, Pomme-Poire d'Ete, Royal Pearmain (erroneous), Royal Pearmain d'Ete, Schleswiger Erdbeer Apfel, Schleswiger Erdbeerapfel, Schleswiger Jordbaeraeble, Sigler's Red, Slesvigsk Jordbaeraeble, Smultronparman, Sommarparman, Sommer Parmane, Sommer-Parmaine, Sommer-Parmane, Striee d'Ete, Summer Pearmain, Summer Pippin

Autumn Permain is a seedling, formed in 1588 in England. Also known under the synonym Slesvigsk Jordbaer aeble. 1795 was it grown in the Royal Nursery in Odense under the name Summer Peremens.

The apple is medium to high. The base color is greenish-yellow and cover color is red. Cover color is smooth with gentle stripes and covers about 50%. The flesh is medium juicy, with a low sweetness, medium acidity and no or faint aroma of strawberries and roses. Soil and climate has a major influence on the timing of when this variety ripens. In small dwarf trees it may be ready for eating already late August, otherwise mature in September. Can be used a few months.


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